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Construction in the community

We have already mentioned ancient settlements and hill-forts around Tlmače. Many of them are of pre-Slavic origin. During the following centuries as hunters and shepherds gradually changed their lifestyle to settled agricultural farmers, settlements moved from hills and heights to lowlands and plains sodden at the beginning.

Based on settlement elements of 12th and 13th century it can be assumed that ancient habitation Tlmače was located on the left side of the river Hron on one of islands formed by Hron distributaries and brook Struha. The southernmost point of the village could have been the Tlmače mill, village center was probably at the place of later constructed school. Here, also the bell tower, old stone cross and inn-keeper’s ice cellar were located. The street was single-row. Construction towards Rybník and the railway station started after World War I. Construction has been based on regulation map and plan since 1903 without any plans.

The 50s brought another stimulus for construction of new housing premises connected with foundation of a boiler making factory in Tlmače (1949 – 1952). On the crofts from former Šabo´s pub towards Veľké Kozmálovce, two blocks of flats and a row of standardized factory family houses were built (so called “Small housing development”).

Construction of the boiler making factory was accompanied by construction of a housing development on the right side of Hron – on the Lipník fields – since 1951. This construction stage included group of standardized double-houses and blocks of flats numbers 1 – 10 and three lodging-houses on current streets CSA and Slovanská.

Based on historic data, Tlmače had 58 houses in 1928, with the following development: 1938 – 127; 1970 – 207 houses (including blocks of flats); 31 July 2000 – 490 houses – of them were 445 family houses and 45 blocks of flats. Besides these the city has 36 amenities buildings.



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