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Tlmače EN

Natural conditions

Tlmače – the city at the Slovenská brána (Slovak gate) Natural conditions

The city of Tlmače is mostly located on the left bank of the river Hron bottomland on the south-west foothill of the Štiavnica hills (Štiavnické vrchy). Newer part of the city – Lipník – was built on the right bank of the river Hron on elevated terrain sloping towards the river. The place, where Hron leaves the mountains, was called Porta Slovenica, i.e., the Slovak gate by our historians. This geo-morphological formation was modeled by erosion activities of the river Hron, which broke through settled volcanic agglomerates and separated the Kozmálovce tops (Kozmálovské vŕšky) from own Štiavnica hills.

Total region area is 464 hectares. Cadastre altitude ranges from 173 to 275m a.s.l. It belongs to warm climatic region with average annual temperature exceeding 9°C. Total annual precipitations are approx. 600mm.



Slovenská verzia