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Tlmače EN

The oldest references to the community

The oldest written report of Tlmače is in the foundation deed of the Saint Benedict abbey of 1075, containing lands donated by the Hungarian ruler Gejza to the Benedictine monastery. It contains, inter alia … “villa piscantorum super ripam Gran, nominee Talmach…” which means “-… fishing settlement above the river Hron called Tlmače…”. Documents of the 13th century also contain the village name “Tholomach”. With regard to the origin of the village name, the following story is given in the Miscellany of Frantisek Pesty: “Someone asked the shepherd about the name of the settlement at Hron. The shepherd answered: “I don’t know what you are talking about.” “It's a pity there is no interpreter – tolmács – around”. Linguists assume that the name of the village Tlmače could be derived from the work “interpreter” (“tlmočník”), as in the Middle Age the settlements and villages were usually named after employment of their inhabitants (ferrying, provision of information to travelers, interpretation).



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