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Tlmače EN

Under the Half-moon sign

On 6 April 1647, the Turks under the leadership of the Esztergom bey crossed the river Hron at Tlmače and attacked Kozárovce, which was completely devastated and burnt out. On 20 April 1618 the Turks conquered many villages around Levice, including Tlmače, based on a peace treaty.

On 9 May 1664, a 10-thousand men army led by imperial colonel de Souches, crossed the river Hron at Tlmače via a bridge constructed by imperial soldiers. The army defeated the Turks on 14 June and liberated Levice.

Memorial battle was fought between the imperial army and Turks on 19 July 1994 between Tlmače and Levice. This battle brought death to hero of anti-Turkish wars, captain of the Levice castle, Stefan Koháry. He is buried in the Beňadik church. The Kurucz and Lubenich armies met in battle in the village region on 2 May 1709.

List of 1763 mentions a mill in the village. The oldest preserved crest source of Tlmače comes from year 1774 on a written document with symbols: share and vomer.



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